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I am going to write my own story

{this is the final draft}

10 July 1988

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1960's, 1970's, 1980's, 80's british pop, acrylic paint, adobe photoshop, adult swim, america, ancient egypt, andy warhol, anime, annabel lee, apoptygma berzerk, archeology, aretha franklin, art, art therapy, ayumi hamasaki, badlands, being yourself, bif naked, bill maher, billy idol, bjork, blues traveler, brand new, butterflies, caring, corspe bride, crows, crying, cuddling, cultures, current events, death, donnie darko, dreamcatcher, dreams, empathy, falling in love, falling out of love, family guy, fantasies, fantasy, farscape, firefly, flowers, foamy, full metal alchemist, futurama, godsmack, goo goo dolls, hair, happy bunny, hate, history, howard stern, hugh jackman, incubus, india ink, insects, inuyasha, it, jacquline carey, japan, japanese, jimmy buffet, johnny depp, jpop, jrock, kurt vonnegut, kushiel's avatar, kushiel's chosen, kushiel's dart, lakota, learning, led zepplin, life, linkin park, lone palm, lonely, lost prophets, love, love in the library, maguyver, making friends, marine biology, meatloaf, miyavi, moby dick, movies, muffin+pastry, music, nature, neil diamond, nightmare before christmas, noir, pain, pansexuality, passion, philosophies, photography, pink floyd, pirates of the caribbean, poetry, pow wow's, prose, rain, rainforests, ravens, reading, relationships, religion, roses, school, sci-fi, secret window, serenity, sex, sexuality, shakespeare, shyness, sleeping, smashing pumpkins, south dakota, spiders, star trek, stargate, stargate atlantis, stella, stephen king, studying, talking, tattoos, teddybear+butterfly, telepathy, the black hills, the crow, the stand, three days grace, three dog night, tim burton, trees, trigun, water, waterfalls, wolf's rain, writing